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How Wireless Nation freed up valuable resources using SimTutor.

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Wireless Nation is an innovative internet service provider (ISP) who delivers fast urban, rural and business broadband access anywhere in New Zealand. With all of their rural installers being contractors, Wireless Nation relies on giving their field staff quality training so they can provide all their customers with the same high level of service.

When we started with SimTutor we captured pictures, videos and images and then very quickly we had the great new training resource ready! Our trainees can now access training that explains the process simply, they can learn at their own pace, in their own home, take the content in big chunks or take a break and pause until the following day. This means it caters very well to the different levels of experience we have on board.
Andy Derleth, Wireless Nation’s GM


Previously, Wireless Nation conducted their training face-to-face and all in one go. While their sessions had been effective, getting the entire installation team together for one meeting proved costly, time consuming and logistically challenging.

Coordinating many of our nationwide installers to come to Auckland on the same day, to facilitate training sessions, always proved difficult with everybody’s busy schedules. As a result, we had to plan it months ahead and due to emergencies, sickness etc. there would always be some missing from the sessions, meaning additional training needed to be scheduled.
Andy Derleth, Wireless Nation’s GM

This would take up their valuable resources in order for the session to be repeated in short succession and, in addition, huge travel costs or logistical barriers would make the undertaking even harder.

During the meetings, they would also find that the group would get tired and attention would drop halfway through. They also recognised that their field staff had different learning paces and levels of experience. Some would feel that the training was going too fast or others found it too slow, which would sometimes result in lower engagement and lower retention levels.


Wireless Nation approached SimTutor to establish a more efficient way to conduct their training. Since SimTutor is an online training platform that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, on any device, this helped the company to replace most face-to-face meetings with interactive modules that their field staff could utilise to train/learn at their own convenience, saving travel costs and freeing up valuable resources.

SimTutor’s reporting tool also allows progress to be tracked and evaluated easily to ensure that standards are met by their installers, but in a way that still allows their field staff to control their own learning. Andy adds, “The evaluation of training is very important to us as we pride ourselves on our quality installations. Before SimTutor, we would ask questions during and after the training, and then later follow up with a practical test, but now all we have to do is click to see precisely who has completed which part of their training and look over the results of the simulated test, which is much more fun for the team to undertake as it’s interactive.”

Wireless Nation is also able to quickly and easily update their own training modules, benefitting from the total certainty that their staff are up-to-date and job-ready.


As an SME business, Wireless Nation didn’t have dedicated trainers and training event coordinators, which meant that their team had to take time out of their day jobs to organise and facilitate training. Not only does SimTutor free up their time so they can now focus on growing the business, but it has also helped reduce costs, instils confidence that their training works, solves logistical hassles and provides trainees with an effective and engaging learning experience.

“SimTutor is already saving us and our installers time and money. Not only is the training more effective and less costly, but also installation jobs can be completed faster and - first time. This is because installers can relook at specific parts of the training modules in SimTutor the night before they go out to a job and easily refresh their knowledge. We estimate the use of SimTutor can save us and our contracted installers thousands of dollars per year.”